Healed ten men with Leprosy (2019-01-06)

譚品立牧師 | Rev. Jim Tam, English Sermons 系列

Scripture: Luke 17: 11-19

Intro: The Bible is full of God’s miracles, teaching us to submit to Him.

1. The Realization of Grace(v.14)
** Story of Hachi

2. Thanksgiving with Action (v.15)
** Story of Cross

3. Submission and Worship (v.16)
** Story of Mongolia Eagle

Fellowship: Serve the Lord in 2019 by listing three action items.

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講道數目 (14)

日期: 2019-01-06 | 講員: 譚品立牧師 | Rev. Jim Tam
題目: Healed ten men with Leprosy

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日期: 2018-10-28 | 講員: Pastor Teresa Tong
題目: How to Win Life’s Battles

日期: 2018-10-21 | 講員: Milton Chan
題目: Jonah 4