Athletic Faith (2020-01-12)

Clement Yeung, English Sermons 系列

Scripture: Hebrews 11, 12:1-3

Myth buster (Hebrews 11)
 True or false: Is the elephant afraid of the mouse?

Athletic faith (Hebrews 12:1-3)
 Throw away : the eagle and octopus encounter
 Run after: harvesting with a combine
 Look at : how to land a plane safely?

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講道數目 (56)

日期: 2020-01-12 | 講員: Clement Yeung
題目: Athletic Faith

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日期: 2019-11-17 | 講員: Rev. Louis Leung
題目: The Road to Freedom

日期: 2019-11-10 | 講員: Janine Maxwell
題目: Heart For Africa

日期: 2019-11-03 | 講員: 廖張嘉蔚傳道 | Connie Liu
題目: Our failures and Jesus’ faithfulness

日期: 2019-10-27 | 講員: Rev. Ted Tham
題目: Water - Walking