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1 And David spoke to the Lord the words of this song on the day when the Lord delivered him from the hand of all his enemies, and from the hand of Saul. 2 He said,


“The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer,

3     my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge,

my shield, and the horn of my salvation,

my stronghold and my refuge,

my savior; you save me from violence.

4 I call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised,

and I am saved from my enemies.


5 “For the waves of death encompassed me,

the torrents of destruction assailed me;

6 the cords of Sheol entangled me;

the snares of death confronted me.


7 “In my distress I called upon the Lord;

to my God I called.

From his temple he heard my voice,

and my cry came to his ears.



  1. When David was escaping from Saul’s pursuit, he often ran through the wilderness, over the rocks, into the caves among the mountains. In many dangers, he desperately prayed God for protection. God answered his plead and rescued him according to his will. Therefore, David praised God for he indeed has been David’s rock, refuge, stronghold, and fortress.
  2. This song of praise, very similar to Psalm 18, reflects David’s awareness that all he was and had become was a gracious gift of God. David reflected on the fact that God is faithful in keeping his promise to bless those who keep “the way of the Lord”.



Read it very slowly vv2-4. Put me in the scenes described. Reflect: how God has become my rock, when God became my refuge, etc. Recall the incident, immerse in the situation then, remembering how God rescued, helped, comforted, encouraged. Close it with thanksgiving.