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2 Kings Chapter 12 (ESV)

1 In the seventh year of Jehu, Jehoash began to reign, and he reigned forty years in Jerusalem. His mother’s name was Zibiah of Beersheba. 2 And Jehoash did what was right in the eyes of the Lord all his days, because Jehoiada the priest instructed him. 3 Nevertheless, the high places were not taken away; the people continued to sacrifice and make offerings on the high places.


4 Jehoash said to the priests, “All the money of the holy things that is brought into the house of the Lord, the money for which each man is assessed—the money from the assessment of persons—and the money that a man’s heart prompts him to bring into the house of the Lord, 5 let the priests take, each from his donor, and let them repair the house wherever any need of repairs is discovered.”




  1. If time permits, please read the whole chapter to learn the essence of Joash’s religious renewal.
  2. Joash served God until the priest Jehoiada died. Under Jehoiada’s tutelage Joash repaired the temple and reinstituted worship there.  The Israelites were supposed to offer sacrifices to God only in designated areas under supervision of the priests.  However, Joash didn’t interfere with the people’s continued worship and making sacrifices on the hilltops (high places) after pagan worship customs and practices.  After the death of the priest, the king abandoned God.  2 Chron 24 tells us that King Joash himself turned to Canaanite practices, and even ordered the death of a son of his old mentor Jehoiada who rebuked him.
  3. What’s wrong with Joash’s renewal? Why would it gradually collapsed after Jehoiada’s death?  What do the new threat of Arameans and assassination of Joash have anything to do with the superficiality of the renewal movement in Joash’s reign?
  4. How sincere is my devotion to God? How much have I been influenced by the society and its worldly culture?   Is the transforming power of God apparent in my daily life?



Lord, often my thought, attitude, action and behavior are contrary to Your will and influenced by the world.  Please keep my heart to be firmly grounded in your word and not to compromise with the world.