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1 Chronicles Chapter 9 (ESV)


22 All these, who were chosen as gatekeepers at the thresholds, were 212. They were enrolled by genealogies in their villages. David and Samuel the seer established them in their office of trust. 23 So they and their sons were in charge of the gates of the house of the Lord, that is, the house of the tent, as guards. 24 The gatekeepers were on the four sides, east, west, north, and south. 25 And their kinsmen who were in their villages were obligated to come in every seven days, in turn, to be with these, 26 for the four chief gatekeepers, who were Levites, were entrusted to be over the chambers and the treasures of the house of God. 27 And they lodged around the house of God, for on them lay the duty of watching, and they had charge of opening it every morning.


28 Some of them had charge of the utensils of service, for they were required to count them when they were brought in and taken out. 29 Others of them were appointed over the furniture and over all the holy utensils, also over the fine flour, the wine, the oil, the incense, and the spices. 30 Others, of the sons of the priests, prepared the mixing of the spices, 31 and Mattithiah, one of the Levites, the firstborn of Shallum the Korahite, was entrusted with making the flat cakes. 32 Also some of their kinsmen of the Kohathites had charge of the showbread, to prepare it every Sabbath.


33 Now these, the singers, the heads of fathers’ houses of the Levites, were in the chambers of the temple free from other service, for they were on duty day and night.



  1. The priests and the Levites were diligent and laborious over the worship services. Not only did they have to deal with complicated tasks (Lev. 1-9), but they also had to take care of the utensils. They had to carefully maintain the worship utensils to allow the whole congregation to focus on worshipping God wholeheartedly. People nowadays are very busy and often go to church for Sunday worship without preparation. During the worship, we are still thinking about our difficult tasks, our prayer is impromptu, and we do not meditate on the lyrics of the hymns we sing. But God requires our worship “should be done decently and in order.” (1 Cor. 14:40). It is like meeting with an honourable guest, or discussing an important matter with your friend. We have to carefully prepare ahead of time before we come before God respectfully. Reflect on our worship to God whether it is superficial and sloppy, or it is what the glorious king should deserve.
  2. Many Israelites regard worshipping God as their most important task and they see serving in the temple as a holy duty. Worship is to thank God for his virtue for He is worthy of our praise. It should be the center of our life rather than a matter we spent several tens of minutes every week. If we are with God in all circumstances, follow his guidance and maintain the attitude of a servant, we will be able to naturally worship God continuously throughout the day. Reflect if worshipping God is the center of your life, or it is just a routine in your busy life.



Ask God to enlighten the darkness in you and give you a heart of godliness that you may be able to glorify God in everything you do and regard worship as the center of your life. Offer to God your deepest worship, thanksgiving and praise now.