Certainty in an Uncertain World ( 2020-08-02 )

講員 Speaker: 匿名, English Sermons 系列 series



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Certainty in an Uncertain World

Scripture : Hebrew 13:14

Please read Hebrews chapters 11, 12 and 13. Below is some questions for you for reflection:

  1. As followers of Christ, what do we believe is our ultimate destination?
  2. As this pandemic has shaken the structures of this world, what emotions have you felt?
  3. How do we as believers hold on to faith in Christ when everything around is scary, difficult and unknown?

News & Events

  • PGC encourages cell group leaders and cell members to join the online worship at the same time on Sunday. We suggest the cell group to join a video conference at 10:45AM for greeting and prayer, then they will separate and participate in online worship at 11:00AM, and come back to the video conference after worship for a half-hour sharing about the worship. This form of gathering encourages our discipline and prepare us for future physical worship together, and set a time for the group to meet regularly and connect with each other. We would ask the cell group leaders to discuss this proposal with your cell members.
  • The Executive Board has approved the application of the following 7 b/s to become PGC Members, join PGC as spiritual home, participate in future development of the church’s ministry, and support PGC to grow and prosper. If any PGC Member does not agree for them to become PGC Member, please submit your written reason to Deacon Cecil Mar of Membership Committee before August 9. They are:
    Bethel (2): TSUI, Tommy ; YEUNG, Florence
    IGC (1): TO, Kar Yee Connie
    HingStone (4): KAAN, Timothy Kay Yeung; LEUNG, Man Ching (Judy); CHAN, Carol Ka Yee; LAU, Carrol
  • “PGC Nil Distancing video sharing “campaign will launch an online poll, we will select 6 awards for groups that participate in video sharing. B/s participating in the vote will enter for 10 lucky draw. Please note that the deadline for video sharing is 8/23, online voting is 8/30 - 9/6, and voting results will be announced during the period between 9/13-20.

Prayer Items

  • Pray for leaders’ planning and preparation for all church ministries for reopening, pray for unity and perseverance of us all during the pandemic.

Praise Items

  • Praise the Lord for his provision, that PCA could provide space for rental for our group activities in Aug.