Faith when it counts ( 2020-07-12 )

講員 Speaker: Pastor Iain Davis, English Sermons 系列 series



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Faith When It Counts
Speaker: Pastor Iain Davis
Chair: Andy Tse

Scripture : Philippians 4:1-3


  1. If we are divided with other Christians how can we be an example to the world?
  2. The reason for their conflict was not relevant; only the need for peace.
  3. We are not told to solve people’s problems for them but to help them solve it themselves.


  • Executive Board meeting will be held this afternoon to discuss the development PGC ministries under Covid 19 and the arrangements for the reopening of cell gatherings and worship. Please pray for God’s guidance.
  • PGC has launched a short two-minute online survey to gather opinion and suggestions in the reopening of cell gatherings and worship, so that we can better prepare and plan appropriately. We ask each b/s to submit a survey response individually so that we can get a more comprehensive opinion. We have gathered a number of responses and we invite brothers and sisters who have not yet submitted the survey to submit before 11:00PM Sunday July 12. Please click the link below to conduct the survey. .
  • The "PGC Nil Distancing in Christ - Share Your Love" campaign has been rapidly under way. Thanks to the hard work of the Pastoral team, visit and deliver gift bags to b/s. As quantity of the fabric face mask is limited, please send your request to your cell leaders asap, so more gift of love and gospel news could reach more nonbeliever friends and neighbours to receive the blessings.
  • All videos collected for the "PGC - Nil Distancing " have been uploaded to PGC website. Please visit .


  • Pray for an opening in Long-Term Care for Mrs. Mar.
  • Pray for the planning and partnership with PCA.



  • Praise P. Iain and the leaders for their care, support & encouragement during this pandemic time, keep us all connected with God and with one another.



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