Running without extra weight ( 2020-06-28 )

講員 Speaker: Pastor Iain Davis, English Sermons 系列 series



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Running without extra weight


Scripture : Philippians 3:8-15


  1. When Jesus is our goal, everything else is extra.
  2. A fully developed faith in Christ is not won overnight. It’s grown over a lifetime.
  3. When running our race we need every advantage we can get!



  • The "PGC Nil Distancing in Christ - Share Your Love" campaign has been rapidly under way, Pastoral team has begun to arrange visits to send gift bags to b/s. Face masks donated by the manufacturer will soon be exhausted. PGC b/s who initiated this campaign will sponsor an additional 200 face masks to support the campaign, so that the gift of love and gospel news could reach more unbelievers to receive greater blessings.
  • All videos collected for the "PGC - Nil Distancing" have been uploaded to the PGC website. Please visit .
  • PGC will launch a short online survey to gather your views and suggestions in the reopening cell group meetings and physical worship, so that we can better prepare and plan appropriately. Please provide your comment.
  • Global Leadership Summit 2020 will be held online LIVE from August 6-7. Church leaders and b/s are encouraged to participate. PGC has some $50 discount codes, please contact Pastor Ken for the request, b/s in need may also apply for half-fee subsidy from PGC. Early bird price deadline is June 30. Online registration can be found at
  • Next Sunday 7/5 is the Holy Communion Sunday. Invite b/s to prepare for Holy Communion at home.



  • Pray for an opening in Long-Term Care for Mrs. Mar.
  • Pray for the planning and partnership with PCA.



  • Praise for loving hearts of b/s who initiated the face masks campaign. May the gift spread God’s love and his words.



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