The Genuine Concern of Christ ( 2020-06-14 )

講員 Speaker: Pastor Iain Davis, English Sermons 系列 series



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Title: The Genuine Concern of Christ

Scripture : Philippians 2:19-30


  1. Genuine concern for people is the sign of a Christ centred life.
  2. Gods mercy is our motivation to serve others.
  3. The real risk isn’t dying, but separation from God.

If we are superficially concerned for others it means there is a barrier between Gods love and our heart.

Fake people who are self-centred are not examples of Christ in the world. They are worse than useless, they damage the work of Christ!!

News & Events:

  • "PGC - Nil Distancing in Christ - Share your Love" A group of PGC b/s with serving hearts initiated the production of fabric face masks and was sponsored by a manufacturer to make 200 masks for PGC. The church hopes that b/s can take this gift of love to care for the nonbeliever friends and neighbours. While we are in a state of social distancing where personal protection of safety and health is important, it does not prevent us from demonstrating God's love by sending these protective masks along with some gospel booklets to those you care about. Let us share the gospel and give them greater blessings. Church will provide more details about the roll out plan next week.
  • Global Leadership Summit 2020 will be held online LIVE from August 6-7. These leadership skills and insights are particularly valuable as we currently facing a global crisis. Church leaders and b/s are encouraged to participate. More information about the summit and online registration can be found at PGC has a small amount of $50 discount codes, interested participants please contact Pastor Ken as soon as possible for the request. Brothers and sisters in need may also apply for half-fee subsidy from PGC. Also note that the early bird price deadline is June 30.

Prayer Items:

  • The pandemic began to show signs of relief and social distancing is gradually relaxing. May God grant us wisdom to maintain personal safety protection to avoid repeated outbreaks and allow livelihood gradually restore to normal.


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