Working out your Faith ( 2020-06-07 )

講員 Speaker: Pastor Iain Davis, English Sermons 系列 series



Online Worship Tips:


Title: Working out your Faith

Scripture: Philippians 2: 12-18


  • Paul tells us to work out our faith, not to work for our faith!
  • It is easy to complain, but hard to stand out for God.
  • Even if the worst happens we can be glad and rejoice.
  • Faith in Christ changes how we live in every other aspect of our lives.

News & Events:

  • "PGC - Nil Distancing in Christ" video sharing program has been well received, we have received videos every week for posting, share fun things in your life and cell activities, using this platform to maintain a close connection. Encourage you to participate, feel free to share videos and send to:
  • Please visit PGC Membership website link for details about how to become a PGC Membership & download the application form:

Prayer Items:

  • Please remember Missionary Matthew V. and his family in our prayers, may God keep them safe for their journey back to Canada. Pray the Lord to prepare for their needs and a place for temporary stay.
  • Pray for God’s mercy and healing for Audrey and Mrs. Mar with gradual recovery, and comfort their families.

Praise Items:

  • Praise to God that the pandemic began to show signs of relief, may God grant the governments with care and wisdom to implement measures to avoid repeated outbreaks and allow livelihood gradually restore to normal.


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