Hive mind ( 2020-05-24 )

講員 Speaker: Pastor Iain Davis, English Sermons 系列 series



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Title: Hive mind

Scripture : Philippians 2: 1-11 NIV


  1. Paul encourages us to be of the same mind, because of our relationship with Christ.
  2. Humility is not the absence of pride, or selfish thoughts, but caring for others first.
  3. Imitating Christ is the mark of the believer, choosing to do the same things that he did.

How does this affect me: Paul is encouraging us to live a different way from other people, not thinking for ourselves but for others. Not for selfish ambition, but valuing others more than ourselves.

So what? If we have a love for Christ, and the Holy Spirit works inside us then we will be moved to compassion for others, to work against our pride.

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  • Pray the world will learn from this experience of epidemic, can deeply understand the meaning of life, and have the opportunity to know the Lord. Inspire us to preach the gospel and become the light and salt of the world!

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  • Praise the pandemic began to show signs of relief, may God grant the governments with care and wisdom to implement measures to avoid repeated outbreaks and allow livelihood gradually restore to normal.


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