Heart For Africa ( 2019-11-10 )

講員 Speaker: Janine Maxwell, English Sermons 系列 series


Janine Maxwell is the founder of Onyx Marketing Group, one of the most successful marketing companies in Canada and in North America. On 9/11 she found herself a part of thousands fleeing New York City. This life-changing event sent Janine on a search for the meaning of life. Her journey took her to Africa where she encountered the AIDS pandemic, hunger, and disease. Janine was stirred by the faces of children, mothers, and grandmothers fighting daily for their life. She turned from her boardroom savvy to be the voice sounding an alarm for those too weak to cry for help. Together, Janine and her husband Ian co-founded Heart For Africa, a faith based organization focusing on Hunger, Orphans, Poverty, and Education in Eswatini. Please visit www.heartforafrica.ca.