Peoples Gospel Church (PGC) Sunday service is held at Peoples Christian Academy (PCA) Christian School. We welcome you to join our Sunday Worship and cell group activities.

Bridge English Worship (for Gr6-8 youths with parents) in-person service begins with Joint Worship with English 9:30am at PCA Eagle Nest (Big Gym).  Then Bridge Worship congregants will continue with a separate sermon message, response, and dismissal at PCA Cafetorium.

Families are encouraged to worship together as we sing, read, hear, and live the word together!


“Heart Murder”

SCRIPTURE PASSAGE: Matthew 5:21-26
SPEAKER: Pastor Andy Tse

Sermon Notes:

  • What the law says
  • What Jesus says
  • What we must do

Discussion Questions:

  1. Why is Jesus concerned about anger?
  2. What are we told to do with our anger and grudges?
  3. ⁠How does Jesus’ death on the cross related to anger?